Tom Blood Highwayman Scratchboard book cover illustration - 1/25/2019

Materials used: 6x6 inch Black-coated Ampersand board and scratching tools.

This is book #034 of 160 paperback novels being transcribed by the The Gardner Francis Fox Library.

This is a historical romance novel that takes place in England in 1669 during a wave of sympathy had arisen for the people of Ireland, hunted and hounded as they had been for the past hundred years by Tudor greed and Cromwellian fanaticism. You can purchase a copy from The Gardner Francis Fox Library.

Here's the first bit and a link to chapter one of Tom Blood Highwayman.

  The horseman pounded through the lashing sheets of rain, each driving hoof beat sending a spray of mud and water behind him into the bushes on either side of the narrow dirt road.  Muffled to the jaw in the woolen folds of a French cloak with his wide-brimmed boater hat pulled down low over his eyes, he showed little more than nose and cheekbones to the night, yet his rigid back and the deadly length of the colichemarde hanging in its scabbard chains gave him the appearance of a military man.  The butts of two long barreled horse pistols protruded from the holsters strapped on either side of his saddle-horn close to his hand reach.

  The fury of the gale had increased in the past hour, since the rider had left Sittingbourne on this forest road to London.  Overhead the treetops swayed, whipped by driving rain and held in the moaning whisper of the wind. He could see scarcely twenty feet in front of him, yet he did not slacken the breakneck pace of the big black horse between his thighs.  

  Tom Blood was late to his appointment.

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