I always enjoy receiving commissions. I enjoy receiving that initial email asking if I would be interested in creating an idea someone has had. Most commissions either start with a few sentences describing the concept or patrons will even make their own attempt to scribble the idea on paper, scan it, and send it on to me.

Either way, if you have an idea and want to see it come to life, feel free to contact me.

Every idea I have will start out as a drawing in my mind's eye. Sketching is a very powerful tool to have in order to get those thoughts on to paper. I often sketch with either graphite pencils or ink pens. After I’ve sketched out the idea and I’m ready to commit to a completed work of art, I will do a preliminary drawing. I will do preliminary drawings to the same size as the final artwork.

Check out an assortment of my sketched ideas and preliminary drawings…

I went to the Maryland Institute College of Art for art school (MICA) to become an illustrator. When I arrived I was immediately immersed in a world of creative possibilities. Needless to say, I ended up changing majors from illustration to painting. As I have matured I have realized that what I learned as a painter could be translated into my passion for drawing and illustration. I use Prismacolor pencils because they allow me to layer like a painter. It is so easy to paint from the tube, but a master will mix their colors on the canvas.

Check out all of the colored pencil paintings that I have rendered over the years…

I can remember the first time I tried scratchboard out. It was in art school. I found a fancy for it but didn’t pursue it as a favorite medium at the time. Years later, I found myself wanting to draw with white into the black shapes of my ink drawings. I gave white paint markers a try and they almost did it. Then the light bulb went off! What about drawing on scratchboard? I went out and bought some scratchboard and gave it a try. In only a few moments I was saying to myself, now this is what I’m talking about!

Check out the cool effects I get when I scratch into the black shapes…

I can easily say I love comic books. I love them more as a storytelling medium then I do as a collectible item. Making a comic book is like making a movie, television show or animation. I have worked in animation and as wonderful it is to see something move and make sounds, it's more incredible to me to simply pick up a comic book, flip through it, and be immediately transported into another world. My earliest memory of wanting to be an artist was when I was making comic book stories based on my obsession with the television shows: Star Blazers and Battle of the Planets.

Check out and read some of my favorite stories I’ve told with this mesmerizing medium…

I grew up and still live in Wilmington, Delaware. Howard Pyle, the grandfather of American illustration was born and lived here as well. From the earliest years of my artistic development, I have been privy to walking both the Delaware Art Museum and The Brandywine River Museum, which houses Pyle’s and the Wyeth’s works. To say that I have American illustration running through my veins would be a bit dramatic.

Check out the illustrations that I have created for stories…

The first time I drew a naked woman was in my freshman drawing class in art school (MICA). The way I was taught to draw was that ‘drawing is observation’. I must work from life in order to understand how things work. Once you have a grasp of how they work, you then can translate them to a 2-dimensional surface.

Check out the literal hundreds of naked woman drawings I’ve done over the years…

One of the best ways to own a work of art without committing to the ownership of an original is to buy a reproduction of it. I have selected a handful of my most popular works of art and I'm offering the opportunity for you to own one.

Check out the most popular art prints that I’m currently offering…

I completely understand what it feels like to want to own the original of a work of art that holds you captivated. I love to sell my originals. Since I produce so many drawings and they have a tendency to pile up, it is so nice to know that another person has come to appreciate the work as much as I do, since they want to own it.

Check out the originals that can be added to your collection…

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Thank you for stopping by and checking out my art.

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