Madame Buccaneer Scratchboard book cover illustration - 2/8/2019

Materials used: 6x6 inch Black-coated Ampersand board and scratching tools.

This is book #001 of 160 paperback novels being transcribed by the The Gardner Francis Fox Library.

This is a historical romance novel that takes place during the American Revolutionary War. You can purchase a copy from The Gardner Francis Fox Library.

Here's the first bit and a link to chapter one of Woman of Kali.

THE BLACK GALLEON came down on the wallowing East Indiaman in a sliding rush that sent half a dozen frigate birds lifting and dipping over the heavy waves. Her dark hull was gilded at curving beak and towering stern-castle, and a tall gold cross glittered over her bowsprit, below the white sails bulging on the towering masts. A puff of white smoke appeared at her prow, and an iron shot went arching over the blue waters to fall into the waves with a splash.

An instant later, the big man on the poop deck of the fleeing cargo ship heard the muffled thud of the cannon. Martin Chandos fastened his hands to the rail and pulled, as if he could urge the Forthright to a faster pace by sheer strength. His face was lean under the long brown hair that hung almost to his shoulders, and his skin was baked, by long exposure to the sun, to the rich color of Honduras mahogany.

The Forthright owned four demi-cannon, brass pieces set on wooden mounts and lashed to the rails by hempen ropes. The great black galleon, the Vengador, carried sixty guns, with pairs of sakers at beak-head and stern.

His fist hit the rail capping as Martin Chandos shook bitter laughter into the wind. "There's peace between Spain and England in this year of '65, but she means to take me. We've no more chance to beat her than Tighernmas had before the golden idol of Crom Cruach!"

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