Hercules #11 1968 Cover Art Re-creation

This is not the original drawing done by Sam Glanzman.

The drawing is signed on the back by Kurt Brugel with a notation that this is a recreation after the original artists work.

Materials: Graphite pencils on white 65lb card-stock paper

Dimensions: 11 x 17 inches

This original is available in the store.

This artwork is sold with a 13 x 19 inches white mat-board, back-board, and protective sleeve.

Ships flat. Free Shipping in the US and only $10 international.

Here’s the original Hercules #11 cover image I worked from and some step by step process scans and video I made while working on this preliminary drawing.

One of my favorite steps in my drawing process is using my electric eraser to drawing the white/light back into the drawing.

This is the smudged step right before I use the electric eraser.

This is a very short video of me using my electric eraser.

This is what the drawing looks like after I’ve completed the erasing step of the drawing.