Helen of Troy Scratchboard book cover illustration - 2/22/2019

Materials used: 6x6 inch Black-coated Ampersand board and scratching tools.

This is book #050 of 160 paperback novels being transcribed by The Gardner Francis Fox Library.

This is a historical romance novel of the Trojan Wars and the reason why it started. You can purchase a copy from The Gardner Francis Fox Library.

Here's the first bit and a link to chapter one of Helen of Troy.

HELEN Queen of Sparta, daughter of Aphrodite, a disciple of Eros “Never has there been such a woman as you...? Words whispered in the perfumed shadows of a palace bedchamber, before the altar of a pagan god, within the seclusion of a forest glade ... words were spoken in awed adoration by kings and generals and heroic warriors, to a woman whose uncontrollable passion would change the course of history!

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