Folly Hall Scratchboard book cover illustration - 3/18/2019

Materials used: 6x6 inch Black-coated Ampersand board and scratching tools.

This is book #106 of 160 paperback novels being transcribed by The Gardner Francis Fox Library.

This is a Gothic romance novel that takes place in the Victorian Era of England. You can purchase a copy from The Gardner Francis Fox Library.

Here's the first bit and a link to chapter one of Folly Hall.

I first glimpsed Carlisle Manor by flashes of yellow lightning through a broken window of the old mill in which I had taken refuge to escape the pelting rains that lashed this comer of the Yorkshire moors. Thunder burst overhead; it rolled and crackled as it shook the rotting floorboard upon which I stood. It was as though Thor were smashing his hammer against the very earth. The raindrops drummed on the warped roofing of the mill; they pounded down in a maddened torrent of water that deafened me to everything but the thunder even as they awed and terrified me.

I cowered there, clutching my traveling cloak, happy to be in out of that downpour, feeling pity for the coachman and his assistant who had to labor on the rutted, puddling road where the coach had cast a wheel. Yet always my eyes were drawn to that black shape that was the home of the Carlisle family, seen indistinctly by those lightning flashes, for that house was to be my future home. Half-fearfully I stared at it, already dreading what lay in store for me.

There seemed to be no lights on in Carlisle Manor, though the steady rain may well have hidden them from my stare. The manor loomed black and ominous on the broad moor, revealed only by the golden flashes that scratched the sullen sky, hidden by the darkness and the downpour.

I felt pity for myself, shivering in the rain-soaked pelisse that covered me. What was I doing here, alone and frightened? I was a stranger to these moors, this bleak and desolate land that was the home of the Carlisle family. I was far more familiar with London and the town house that had been mine before my father died.

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