Coxeman Best Laid Plans Scratchboard book cover illustration - 3/2/2019

Materials used: 6x6 inch Black-coated Ampersand board and scratching tools.

This is book #069 of 160 paperback novels being transcribed by The Gardner Francis Fox Library.

This is a historical romance novel of the Trojan Wars and the reason why it started. You can purchase a copy from The Gardner Francis Fox Library.

Here's the first bit and a link to chapter one of Coxeman Best Laid Plan.

THE COXEMAN GETS A BUG UP HIS BRAIN — Rod Damon – The Coxeman – learns of an enemy plot to murder world leaders by planting a remote-controlled "bug' in the brain of a number of agents. The "bugs” are programmed to have the agents kill on demand.

Rod's job is to try to join the enemy force, HECATE, in order to destroy it. But first he must pass a series of tests, one of which is a test of virility. Rod is finally accepted and "bugged" for murder.

But HECATE has outsmarted Rod. He finds that he cannot neutralize the assassination orders. More important, he finds that he has lost his power to make love – except on HECATE's orders!

He is now an enemy-controlled sex machine who threatens to screw up the whole Free World!

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