Crom and the Warlock of Sharrador book illustration the return of dargoll & other pulp stories written by gardner francis fox and illustrated by kurt brugel

Crom and the Warlock of Sharrador book illustration

8×10 inch Scratchboard illustration

for the Illustrated Gardner Francis Fox book

The Return of Dargoll & Other Pulp Stories

This is the first volume collected and illustrated by Kurt Brugel. The short stories collected in the volume are from Mr. Fox’s earliest (1944) to his last story published (1982). There are all types of stories being told. They range from 2 spooky/creepy (The Weirds of the Woodcarver and Rain, Rain, Go away!), 3 sword & sorcery (The Return of Dargoll, The Holding of Kolymar, and Crom and the Warlock of Sharrador), 4 cosmic adventures (Heart of Light, The Rainbow Jade, Temptress of the Time Flow and The Man Who Couldn’t Die) and 1 history lesson (Cleopatra).
298 pages with 30 B&W illustrations