About Kurt

While I was doing researching on Gardner F. Fox’s Crom the Barbarian comic book, I came to the mesmerizing world of Pulp prose writing. As a matter of fact, Gardner F. Fox starts his writing career in the Pulps. He wrote for  Weird Tales, Planet Stories, and Amazing Stories. I now find myself obsessed with them.

I found the magic in pulps when I realized I was reading a comic book without the pictures. I love a good story. Telling a good story is my main focus as a creative.

I will be drawing throughout 2017. Drawing pulp Art re-creations, as well as my own character creations. I will also be editing some vintage pulp material for reprint, as well as writing and publishing my own female-driven short stories. 

At the beginning of August 2018, Kurt built and launched www.gardnerfrancisfoxlibrary.com for the digitally transcribed paperbacks that they are reprinting.

I will be keeping this website and my weekly Newsletter up to date. Feel free to Contact me with any questions or requests his email is kurtbrugel@gmail.com

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